Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spill The Beans Saturday: Including My Love of Conker Fights

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.
There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiomspill the  beans” means “to divulge a secret.
Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....
In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad
So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......
And here are my beans for the week:

 Do you remember the song Easy by the Commodores...... I don't know why but I always wake up on a Sunday and 9 out of 10 times think about this song.

This week we have shopped, not mega shopping but each day we have tried to visit a different shop.... where I live we have lots of shops that are sort of out the way or they are right on my door step.....  Monday we pay a visit to The  Robins Nest .... I picked up a beautiful Wrought Iron Cross made with Mini tiles

 We took a trip to The Black Swan Gift Shop, I brought some things for my Fall Mantel above my fireplace, (photo's to come on Wednesday)
They have the most beautiful Garden in front of there shop.

 We did nothing far to hot to even move....... Seriously
I think we all melted this day it was well into the 100F .....
Also on this day Bop refused to do work at school so we had a shed load of homework.... and as I was so hot my patients was running thin....

 Cant say it was any cooler but we did go visits The White Home Collection, a lovely little shop at the end of my road.... I adore this place..... and have spend a fortune here ...don't let the hubby know.....
I picked up a cute kitchen shelf from here..... 

Kids of school.... labour day weekend ..
A visit to Kindred Spirits ....... and some childhood memories came flooding back....

Did you ever play Conkers ....... At Kindred Spirits they have this HUGE chestnut tree and as soon as I saw it I had to tell Bip and Bop all about the Conker Fights I would have as a child.

 The nice Lady at the shop let us collect some and we will be stringing them up so I can teach Bip and Bop the art of Conkers....

 I so cant wait ...... This is more fun than I can handle believe me.

 This shop I have to say is a find.... my first visit was totally inspiring and I sure will return .... I picked up some miniature wooden apples from here some whole some eaten.... to cute

So that's my beans for this week ....

Do you have any beans you would like to spill ?

Have a wonderful weekend folks .....


  1. CONKERS! I've never seen one in real life but I used to love that book called Conkers Bonkers, or something like that, when I was a kid!

  2. I just had to google search to find out what book it was lol Conkers Bonkers by Diane Wilmer & Paul Dowling :)

  3. I have loads here now the kids picked tons of them that had already fallen... Ill send you one

  4. Conker fighting sounds so very Enid Blyton!!

    The shops you've pictured are so pretty. I forget that you live in New Hampshire and are surrounded by all that lovely New England styling. Lucky duck!

  5. I have no idea what a conker fight is! Do tell! It sounds like lots of fun - I am sure my boys would be completely into that.

  6. Love your photos Rachel. So many cute and picturesque places around your home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. hi sis,hope you and mom and dad are enjoying your time together,im on skype most days iv found you on there so sign in and you will see me ,would love to chat with you when you have time,you sound very busy with your life hope we can speak soon its been a long time? bless