Friday, September 10, 2010

Village Gossip

Isn't it funny how gossip gets back to you.... especially when its about you or a member of your family.

Now to me gossip is mindless talk... for one where is it getting you.... secondly, do you feel good about yourself when doing it or after doing it... maybe you do I don't know cause I find it hard to understand why you would want to gossip about two young CHILDREN in such a vicious way.

Cause honestly did my children ask to have RAD, are they in control of their actions, do they know what their doing half the time.... the answer to all of that is NO.

Yes they might have been mean, yes they may have stolen, and yes it may have all been directed at your child but honestly people are you then going to teach your kids to be mean back or are you going to find out why this child acts the way he does......

Kids talking to adults in such a way is beyond me... where do they learn that from I wonder... if at 10 years of age your child knows how to slate someone the only place they get that from is another adult.....

Monkey see Monkey do.

I think its time to educate the parents .......

I think its time to educate the school....

I just think its time to stop and listen and take note one is perfect ..... everyone makes mistakes....
I have and I know I have....

Its time to stop persecuting to young children for something they cant control..... and didn't ask for.


  1. Adults gossiping about children is horrible and I hate it whenever I hear such talk....You are right, it is about education and reminding people that children will do as you do not as you say...


  2. reading this i remembered a great little poem i once read called remember me by Anne Landers (aka dear abby). it is ended by a fabulous quote...

    GREAT minds discuss ideas... Average minds discuss events...Shallow minds discuss people...Which are you?

    the bad things about gossip no matter what kind it be, it's easy to get sucked in. but those that gossip about children very shallow and low. Study's have shown that most people gossip to get attention of themselves or loved ones.

    just just goes to prove that this person must have something they are trying to hide or cover up.

  3. First of all, I LOVE this look. Gossip is the evil hole that some people choose to fall in. And their children will only follow them.

  4. I'm sorry your kids have been subjected to this. People can be so mean.

    What a great quote from Sbragdon's comment. I hope I can remember that to use one day (no doubt I will have to instruct at least one of my kids on the topic of talking about others behind their backs!).

  5. I'm so sorry that you've been subjected to this. Some people just don't understand.

  6. Impeccable timing for this post. I hardly ever physically walk into school. I'm one of those mums that work, drop and off and after school care is utilised.

    One Mum, who usually is quite friends, walked past me in my car when I was dropping off my son, I waved, she looked directly, gave me a filthy look and keep walking.

    I never see these people, how could I have done anything wrong?

    Maybe that's the point, no doubt, they have an opinion of me formulated on what they see, very little.

    Ah well, excuse my french, but fuck them, I wouldn't do it to them so I can live with myself.

    Great blog, over from FYBF :)

  7. I wish most adults would just grow up. x

  8. Where for art thou? Haven't seen you around lately. I'm worried that the village gossipers have gotten physical... x