Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Festival: Week Three

So first of all let me say... Thank you all who left me a comment on Village Gossip, this has had a slight effect on me over the last few days, but also if anyone is wondering where I have been (Maxabella thank you for your concern you are an awesome bloggy friend)

My parents left for the UK on Monday and that has had an effect on me..... I hate goodbyes and I hate it even more when its my parents and I don't know when I will see them again.... but Im back, feeling slightly down but alive and kicking.

So Week three of the Fall Festival, wow cant believe the trees are turning so fast.
I feel it maybe time to put the summer clothes away, and sort of the next seasons ...
We started to drain the pool at the weekend, now thats a job I am leaving to the man about the house.

So before we get to the tree...let me just tell you that there is another awesome give away over at This Blessed Nest...... 

People let me tell you, you REALLY need to get over there and join this one.... if you saw last weeks give away and you thought WOW this week is a double WOW ......

 While your there check out some of the other entries for Fall festival Week Three..... there is to many this week that inspire me, for me to be redirecting you .... far to many

So that lovely big old tree in my back yard is looking gorgeous.

I thought it was about time you saw the tree its self .... not just its leaves

  I love the color they are going...... I don't think the photos do it justice I feel like I want to get my ladder out and get closer even

I have done some fall decoration over the weeks... but what I want to share this week is an awesome find ....
They are the cutes little things I have ever found and I just have to show you

I found these cute little apples, pumpkins and cones in a store on my travels a few weeks ago.....

I also found the green shelving unit along the way .....

And the whole thing hangs in my kitchen .....
Im not sure what I will put in it once winter comes but Im sure I will find something.
So this now leads me to this weeks photo prompt...... I have manged to link them both up again.....
So hop over to LIMELITE and check this weeks prompt out.... I promise its worth the hop....



  1. Glad to see you are back, although sorry to hear you have been feeling a little down, i hate goodbyes too. It is difficult when your family is spread out across the world....

    That tree is AMAZING....I hope it is bringing you a little comfort while you are missing your parents xo

  2. the tree is looking quite festive along with your house. I'm sure once winter comes you will find something just as wonderful to fill that shelf.

    As for you parents leaving it does hurt the heart but just think of it has see you again and not goodbye. Also remember they maybe thousands of miles between you but are only a phone call away. Absents makes the heart grow fonder!

  3. your tree is glorious! how awesome.

    so glad you like the giveaway! i was hoping that everyone would. i think it is perfect, myself for the festival. those apples are the cutest. love the one that looks like it has been eaten.

    thanks for linking up to FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you again next week!


  4. There you are! Happy to see you. You will miss your parents, poor you.

    I love seeing your tree each week. It both enhances the "globalness" of blogging as everything is happening in reverse here and brings a sense of connection for me of the place where you live.

    The shelf with those divine apples is really terrific. x

  5. hey lady :) been thinking about you lots this week, knowing that it would be a tough one for you. Big hugs! I imagine its going to affect Bip and Bop too, hopefully it won't affect them too much and make things more difficult for you. Love ya lots lady, and miss you. xx