Friday, November 26, 2010

This week Im Grateful for : A Roof over my head.

So The day after Thanks Giving, the day after we proclaim what we are Thankful for.
We had a pretty awesome day I have to say, I was dreading it, we all went to my brother in laws house 22 of us.
Yes I did type 22 .... 22 people for dinner, 22 people to cook for, 22 people to talk to.

My problem with 22 people was, I wasn't sure how the children would cope, its been known in the past that in a situation of a large crowd they sabotage .... even if its family and friends. but you will be pleased to know they behaved, they did awesome ....

So there is number one I'm grateful.... Grateful my children behaved like fairly normal children, and there manners were whoa blow mommy away and give her a drink ........

Number two comes in the form of my brother in law and sister in law...... there is no way I would have cooked for that amount of people...but they did it and it was yummy ..... perfect hosts .....

And number three, you hear stories when your all together, and as much as you many not know the whole story or why something has happened, it makes you think about your own like, we found out yesterday someone had lost their house and had to move from a 3 bedroom house to a two bed apartment, why?
I don't have full details, but I am grateful today for what we do have, it might not be much but we keep her heads above the water line and live a comfortable life.... I am truly grateful for that.

So today I am Grateful for my children... they did awesome .... good food and the people who are prepared to cook it and the roof over my head.... on and my wood stove... we work up this morning to freezing rain.... and its very cold.

What are you grateful for this weekend ... Come join in the fun and hop over to Maxabella Loves and link up with her weekly.


  1. Wow, nice post. i'd always be grateful too for enjoying the basic needs. And for kids who behave well in social gatherings. Your in-law sound fantastic for cooking for 22 guests! That's massive! Happy weekend.

  2. I know what you mean. I'm always grateful to have somewhere to live when I know so many people are doing it tough.

  3. The poor family. Those stories are such a sobering reminder aren't they? And wow to hosting and feeding 22 people. That is amazing.

  4. Well done kids! Thanksgiving for sure. x

  5. I cant tell you how proud of the kids I was Maxabella... they blow me away...and ye 22 ppl...what a family

  6. They (that know such things)say that a lot of people are only one payday away from financial disaster in their lives! Makes you grateful for a social welfare system, no matter how dysfunctional at times.

  7. So encouraging as parents when our kids actually do behave as we would wish :-)

  8. I love the american thanksgiving tradtion - I think the whole world should embrace it! so glad to hear you had such a lovely day xxxCate

  9. I love that image - just lovely. Very happy for you that you had such a smooth Thankgiving. You are doing well masquerading as an American :)

  10. Thats funny Masquerading as an American... I try to ..for the kids is nothing else.... but we do have some English traditions in this house I should post about them sometime .....

  11. i loved this post - your grateful list is made up of very simple things, simple yet massively important things!

    a roof over our heads, it is easy to take such things for granted!

    Great image too

    Gill xo

  12. Sometimes we need a reminder to be grateful for the simple things - I think Maxabella has provided us with that opportunity and I am thankful for that!