Friday, November 19, 2010

This week Im Grateful for : 13 Reasons for the Things Im Thankful For

(Art work credited to myself)

So its just under a week until thanks giving.

I have always found this time of year hard for many reasons, one being I'm not an American and as its an American Holiday not something we practice in the UK I use to find it very overwhelming here I am giving thanks and what am I thankful for...leaving my family behind, my job, my life etc etc ..... whoa sounds pretty sad huh... well to be honest that's a bit how I use to feel at times.

My life here was no better, in fact at times worse and without going into detail, I use to think I would be better of going back from where I came from.

I would then look at my husband , him being the main reason I was here and think no I would miss him far to much to make any of it worth while.

I'm very good at just going along with things, if you looked at me you would never know I was totally out of sorts and was not enjoying myself ... I paint a good face.

But this year I have decided Thanks Giving is something I am going to enjoy, if it kills me.
The week leading up to it the kids are always excited its a bit like Christmas but without the presents, I thinks its because they know Christmas is a month away and so they begin to get excited.
So we talk about what we are thankful for and in the past years its been stuff like My Toys, My Doll, My Lego.

Nothing to write home about, and I understand why they have always thought like this, and I don't blame them.... its down to us the adults to teach thankfulness ..... so I have begun doing just that and this years when they are asked I just know they will blow everyone way.

Tonight I will share my list with them and give them reasons why I'm thankful for these things.

So here is my list and the reasons behind them

1: Family:  Without family who are we, we don't belong if we don't have family. and belonging is important because it teaches us who we are, not only as individuals but as part of a unit.

2: Relationships: They connect us to people. . People in a relationship tend to influence each other, share their thoughts and feelings, and engage in activities together. Relationships are important to our growth as human begins.

3: Children:  A prayer answered, a dream come true, lesson taught a lesson learned, they hold the future mine and yours.

4: Home: There are many people that don't have what I have, and as much as I don't have a lot I have more than others, and I'm grateful for that. Its the roof over my head that keeps me dry its the foundations under my feet that keep me grounded, its the place where we join together and call Home.

5: Friends: I miss some of them but I know they are still there and if I need them they are only a phone call an email a text message away. The ones I can see I give thanks for cause they are all new relationships that are growing and blossoming in so many different ways, and then there is the friendships that have developed just from doing what I'm doing now blogging, they are precious friendships in more ways than one cause they are build purely on communication and trust.

6: My Son: I see this child in such a positive light these days, he has grown into such a caring child over the last 3 years.... He isn't without his ups and downs he still does the RADdy stuff he use to do but its now not as often ..... he is a delight to be around with such a gentle caring spirit and he loves his mommy that's for sure.

7: My Daughter: What a character, she has the ability to make you smile even when your angry at her, its the cuteness that enables her to get away with it all ...... she is loving and kind and always wants to take care of younger children, but not in a dominate way ..... she has grown so much over the summer and I now see that she has come along way. 

8: Smiles: They can brighten a day, make a sad moment happy and bring joy .... I once meet a child from Romania who didn't smile, she didn't know how to she had not seen anyone smile at her so she didn't know how or what a smile was, so when I see people smile I often thing about this little girl and wonder did she ever learn. How lucky we are that we can smile and know the importance of a smile.

9: My Health : We take it for granted and its not until something goes wrong do  we realize that we should have looked after ourselves more, and that's when we change it ...and pray its not to late to do so.I have made many changes in how I look after myself...and there is a few more to come.

10: Food : I'm thankful for the food we have on our table..... I spend sometime in Uganda and I have seen hunger ...... Ive seen the pain it brings and the sadness it leaves behind. It can break even the strongest of men and kill the weakest of children. Its something as a nation we need to wipe out every human has the right to a basic meal at lest twice a day. I try to teach my children how lucky and fortunate they are that they get three good meals a day and snacks in between.

11: Freedom : I have freedom to write this, I have freedom to go to church without having to do it in secret, I have freedom of speech and I have freedom because someone out there tonight is fighting for MY freedom.

12: Strength : The strength to over come all that I find hard.

13: Love : The one thing we all crave is love, in comes in many forms but by basic human instinct that's what we were made for to give and receive love. They say it makes the world go round.
I'm thankful that I found love in the form of my husband who works hard so we can have the things we have, and so we can do the things we do.....His love for us as a family shines through everyday and for that I am so very thankful.

And I'm stopping on 13 cause I'm not superstitious.

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  1. I love your list. I can relate to so many.

    RAD is quite interesting. I am no expert but our adopted son now 17yr has many of these signs...he was 13.5 months at the time he joined our family. Fostered from 10 months, 3 different families to 13 months I believe not much known about his early months.

    Have a happy weekend.
    May blessings & light shine , may be all have strength to fight what we find hard.

  2. Oh, it's so good to have you back. Your list is absolutely beautiful. I hope your children appreciate their very special mumma.

    Thanks for linking today and very happy Thanksgiving, Rachel. x

  3. Loving your list and your artwork is terrific.

    Felicity x

  4. With a big smile on my face let em say Maxabella its good to be back...and Felicity thank you one the compliment of the art work.... Trish you have become my new found blessing .... I just love reading your posts ....

  5. What a wonderful, thoughful post. I agree with all of your gratefuls! I am grateful for my hubby is so important (we call ourselves a 'team' when times get tough...helps us to remember we're all in it together and the tough times will not divide us!) xxx

  6. What a lovely list of gratefuls. When we least want to be, it's good to be grateful and remember all we have instead of focusing on all we don't. But your list is complete. xx

  7. Hi, me again. I've just read more about you and your life journey. Hey snap! I've got two children that I didn't give birth to. Your (and your family) story is just amazing. I've decided to follow you. So, it's official. I'm stalking ;-) xx

  8. And yes, me again! Thanks for coming over to my place - and thanks for following! Returning the love :-) Completely inspired by that Helen Keller quote (thx for sharing it) - words to live by (might make it my mantra!) xxx

  9. an amazing list of gratefuls....

    and i am glad you went to number 13 - my son was born on the 13th and it is my new lucky number!

    gill xo

  10. Great list. I agree, having lived in the States (I'm an Aussie) I remember feeling the same way. I've just discovered your blog and become your latest follower. Come over and see our Shamozal sometime at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. Kirsty (Shamozal)

  11. I had to come back, I just read your comment on my blog and came straight back to read more of your post's. I love your story, it's so refreshing to hear a good news story of how you all found each other. It was so obviously meant to be. Kx

  12. This is gorgeous - what a wonderful way to ensure you enjoy Thanksgiving.