Thursday, November 18, 2010


Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Mark Twain

I have been thinking a lot lately about kindness and why it matters.... why its important to us as human beings, and how good we feel after receiving or producing an act of kindness.

I know as a mother how important it is to teach kindness especially to two children who maybe have never really understood kindness before and the true meaning behind the act of it, because to them just getting what they want and how they want it is whats important.

Different acts of Kindness matter in different communities, but really at the end of a hard long drawn out day each and every act of kindness is the same and it produces the same.

Someone somewhere benefits from that act and you (if your the one doing the producing) feel good about what you did for someone else.

Today we live in a world that is all to ready to grab what it can, to benefit its self, to profit from self righteous attitudes and to grab what it can when it can and not look back to see what a trail of disruption its left in its path.

Is this the way we want our children to grow ..... to live their future out ..... I'm guessing no, cause really on a personal note none of you come across as being like that.

But there are people out there who wouldn't even know what a kind act was if it came and hit them smack down square in the face. Why well maybe because they have never produced and act of kindness in their life's because no one every showed them kindness. 

So how do we change that ?

I don't have all the answers all I know is when I receive or give kindness it makes me feel good not in a self righteous "Look at me" type way but in a way that I know I have either put a smile on someones face or that someone was thinking about me.

Think about this for one moment ...... and think about how kindness makes you feel.

It doesn't matter if you receive it or give it, how does it make you feel.
Now here is the hard part, now think how you are going to spread the kindness.
I'm going to point out some acts of kindness Ive received lately and this may help you a little

I stopped blogging for two months someone was very concerned here in blog land and let it be known once I found out about their concern oh boy how touched did her concern make me feel .... that's kindness right there smacked down pulled together kindness ....
So is there a blogger that you haven't seen a post  form for sometime?.... go see if you can find an email address for them or just leave them a message asking if their alright.

Ask a neighbor if they need a ride somewhere..... maybe they cant get out because they don't have a car ... but you do, and it may not even be out of your way to take them to the post office or the grocery store ...and if it is just know that your doing an act of kindness and that person will be truly grateful.... (by the way Maria I know you will read this so thanks for the lift ride today)

There are many ways and I'm pretty sure you can thing of some yourself to show kindness to someone today

One of my favorite sits here in blog land is Kind over matter.

They focus on the handmade community which I know many of you are involved in or just plain old love,
well they are worth a visit and worth a vote..... yes that's right vote ... they have entered the Pepsi refresh project their aim is to help independent artists while promoting kindness and positivity

There is one act of kindness that wont take you long to do .....

You can find the vote button on the right hand side of their blog.

I would love to hear about your act of kindness, doesn't matter if you gave or received .... its a way to encourage others ...and lets be honest we all need that from time to time .

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  1. First read of your blog today, thanks to FYBF. I am with you about random acts of kindness, I did a post about this a few weeks ago. We have a really busy commuter stretch, where the unspoken rule is that you always let one car in front of you. It happens every day and it makes me smile and sets me up for a great day

  2. Being kind is one of the most important traits I think a person can have. The secret thing is that kindness makes you feel good, so it's not really just about other people. It makes the world go around. x

  3. It takes seconds to be kind, but people remember kindness for a long time. That's a good pay off as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Beautiful post.
    Here from FYBF too.
    I have written a lot too on being kind.I have received many acts of kindness.
    It's my goal to give 101 acts of kindness (well more).
    I donate blood (plasma) regularly as my main act but I practice it RAK's everyday.
    There was a 30 days of giving challenge this month in the blogosphere and I am in on it.

  5. What a beautiful post. So pleased I found you. I am a very big advocate of kindness and my first children's book is called "My Happy Gift" based on random acts of kindness and how a simple action even by a child can create a flow on effect through an entire community. So yes, I'm with you!

  6. lovely post...i haven't visited your blog for ages and had wondered where you had gone!?

    but now i am back and what a lovely reminder...kindness is a powerful thing and yet, so often, it is overlooked...

    thanks for the link...


  7. Thank you all for your comments..... I just love the fact that you all had something to say ...and I learn a lot from it ..... you all are awesome

  8. Lovely post. My sister always says "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice"