Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fancy Pants: Not So Fancy

So I said I would join Kymmie over at A day in the Life of Us in her linky Fancy Pants

( I think the title speaks for its self no explanation needed)  .... ye I really should think before I type.... its Saturday here and not a day to get fancy that's for sure ..... its a work day and today we are moving core wood .... which my wonderful husband borough home from work last night .... I'm so in love with our wood stove right now cause its so cold and windy oh did I mention snow flurries yesterday .... that we need all the wood we can get....

The wood stove makes me feel cozy and totally uncivilized cause its so not the norm to me.... open fire yes I grow up with them but wood stove  no...but I do love it, it also comes in hand when you have a power loss and you cant cook ... ye that's right you can cook on them...awesome ...

So back to Fancy Pants ..... or in my case not so Fancy Pants ... so here is Bip and Bop all dressed up in their not so finest .....

I think If I'm going to do Fancy Pants we need to organizes ourselves and take a photo on a Sunday and upload the following Saturday to be honest that's the only day we get dressed up around here.


  1. Oh lovely! You joined in - yay! Bip and Bop are gorgeous. I forgot to mention that I'll leave the linky open all week, and as one it shutting another one will start. So you will always have a week to take snap. Enjoy that open fire, um I mean wood stove. How delightful! xx

  2. So glad you're were missed! I love fires when it's so cold outside.

  3. Kristi..... so good to hear from you... I was gonna pop over and see what the weekly challenge is this week..... I have missed you guys to :)

  4. They look pretty fancy to me! Any opportunity to view a kid in a beanie is great in my book! I can't believe how much your two have grown up in the past 6 months that I've known you. Unbelievable. x

  5. You know I was just thinking the other day as I looked at summer photo's how much they had grown and changed...glad someone else saw it to ..I thought I was imagining things