Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sharing Sunday : this is my hopeful world.

As some of you know I stopped blogging for a while, lets just say my brain went on vacation.

The one thing I didnt stop doing was searching out Artists that inspire me. I have this creative bone and it bugs me daily, to the point where if I allowed this bone to take control of me nothing else would get done so a lot of the time I try to ignored, which I know isnt always a good thing but the ironing needs to be done cause I cant have kids walking around in creased up clothes.

So to help compensate for this bone I have decided that Sundays is my day for sharing the one thing that has inspired me this week.

If any of you would like to join me in this then by all means feel free .... just leave a comment saying what inspired you this week with a link if there is one, if enough people joined in we could set this up with a complete linky .....who knows

So sharing Sunday this week  .... just the name of this Shop on Etsy had my attention not sure how I ened up here but Im glad I found it. I have a habit of reading profiles call me a stalker I don't care.

So here are some detail about this Artist: and the store on Etsy:

The Store:
my name is jen lemen. this is my experiment in sharing profits from my art with my friends here and around the world. i'm operating this shop as a cooperative with a small circle of friends. what we learn here will help create hopeful world, a digital publishing platform designed to fuel and fund global leaders with brilliant ideas, new economic models and wisdom for the world at large.
(just that on its own would be enough for me to wnat to spread the word about this person and her friends)

This is what Jen has to say about herself 
I'm messy, hopeful, enthusiastic and helplessly in love with the idea that stories can change you and me forever.
(I have to say this I totally agree with, some of your stories change me daily)

Wow she had me hooked ... words can speak volumes to ones soul ecsspecially when one is trying to change a story ... which most of you know I am.

I emailed Jen and asked if I could share her work and she said  "of course! i would be honored."

So her art work ... it blows me away and inspires me all at the same time.....
Come see for yourself.

This one totally inspired my kindness post

This one helped me look at Bip and Bop and believe they can move on from where they are with RAD

Words speak volumes to me here.... I can do this and I will

The light at the end of the tunnel for me

So a big thank you to Jen for letting me share what has inspired me this week.

If Jen's work inspires you then please go show her some love.
Her store on etsy can be found here  thisismyhopefulworld

and her blog address is

Now your turn whats inspired you this week?


  1. Those are really gorgeous, I love them. Will stop by for sure! Great idea for a linky btw, get some lovely positive vibes going:) Jen

  2. Very inspirational work, Rachel. She seems like a lovely person too (which is important!). Great idea for a Sunday post. Begin the week with a creative and positive vibe. x